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Occasional thoughts and ideas about intentional organization, our book, coaching, and more.

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Mathias 21 May 2024

What’s my Role as the CTO? The Three Pillars of Executive Work

“What is my role as CTO?” is one of the most common questions I discuss with my clients. If they don’t bring it up on their own, it’s the first question I bring up. On the surface, this should be easy to answer, right? Technology, code, features, product, and other hand-waving gestures using fuzzy terms that aren’t helpful. The reality is that most people we work with don’t have a clear picture of what their role is, what responsibilities are tied to it, and what they contribute to the business as a whole.

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Sara 7 May 2024


Often, when I introduce myself, I say, “I have grown up in tech.” It’s true. I’ve gone from Product Manager to CPO. I’ve co-founded and led a venture-backed startup all the way from idea to acquisition. My equity gained value more than a handful of times, which is a rarity in the world of startups. I’ve gone from leading a bootstrapped company with three employees to teams of hundreds at a publicly-traded monolith doing billions of dollars in revenue. I’ve seen and experienced a lot. And yet, I knew that I was done and ready to call it quits over a year ago. I recently left my executive leadership position at Mailchimp and, in doing so, I left a nearly 30-year career in tech.

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Sara, Mathias 16 September 2022

The First Intentional Organization Offsite

After three years of not meeting in person, we traveled to far flung Nova Scotia in Canada to reconnect and come up with a plan for 2023. Here is everything we did to make it successful and to ensure there is plenty of room for serendipity during our time together.

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Great products flow from diverse teams, deliberate processes, and a culture that nurtures different ideas and perspectives. With our book, you’ll learn how to build humane organizations that focus on their people, first and foremost.

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