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Occasional thoughts and ideas about intentional organization, our book, coaching, and more.

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Mathias 18 November 2021

Staying Present in Remote Meetings

Remote meetings via video pose a whole new set of challenges. Distractions abound and are only a keystroke away. How do you make sure you stay focused and present even as meetings via video make up the larger part of your day? In this post we go into a few strategies that have worked for us.

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Mathias 7 July 2021

The Power of Coaching (Part 2: Mathias’ Coaching Journey)

As leadership coaches, we are often asked what a coaching session is like, when it’s a good time to start coaching, and about our personal experiences with coaching. We set out to answer those questions in this two-part series reflecting on our respective coaching journeys. This post reflects Mathias’ experience on coaching.

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Sara, Mathias 2 June 2021

What is an intentional organization?

There’s a need to focus on a different kind of organization: one that truly takes care of its employees, that treats everyone as humans, that invites everyone to the table. Many startups focus only on the business side of things as they grow, neglecting the organization, without which their business wouldn’t exist. The Intentional Organisation is our contribution to providing guidance and ideas on how founders, entrepreneurs, and executives can change that. An intentional organization is continuously learning and inclusive at its heart. It invests in its people and cares about the craft of how things are made. It’s aiming for clarity wherever there is uncertainty.

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Our book

Great products flow from diverse teams, deliberate processes, and a culture that nurtures different ideas and perspectives. With our book, you’ll learn how to build humane organizations that focus on their people, first and foremost.

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