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The book

Great products flow from diverse teams, deliberate processes, and a culture that nurtures different ideas and perspectives. With our book, you’ll learn how to build humane organizations that focus on their people, first and foremost.

We believe that a business can do more than focus solely on profit. It can strive to provide a good place to work. In this book, you can learn directly from our experiences in building organizations in this spirit, from our highs and lows, our wins and our failures.

Our book, "The Intentional Organization," is coming soon. We'll gladly keep you posted on our progress!

More about the book

Getting a business off the ground is hard enough. As a founder, you not only have to pay attention to the market and your customers, you also have to build an environment that allows everyone working with you to contribute to the business, providing them opportunities to grow and to shine. It’s easy to forget about that part and focus on what you started out with. We get it. We’ve been there.

More often than not, it feels like there’s nowhere to turn for help on how to sweat all those details of an organization. Processes, decision making, resolving conflict, setting clear priorities, communicating proactively, running effective meetings, and providing meaningful feedback. Wouldn’t it be great to have a manual that you can turn to in situations where you’re just looking for some practical advice? Where you can learn from the successes and also the failures of others? We agree. We wish that kind of book existed. So we set out to write it: a handy reference that you can go back to when you’re feeling stuck.

“The Intentional Organization” is our take on this kind of guide. We’ve sweated the details of building not just great products, but also great organizations building those products. We’ve been mentoring and coaching leaders on these topics for years, working to instill our knowledge and experience of building organizations that, first and foremost, respects its people.

What you’ll learn:

  • Leading and managing teams of humans
  • Removing uncertainty, providing clarity
  • Crafting processes, e.g. for decision making
  • Running effective meetings
  • Building work and personal relationships
  • Working across different cultures and timezones
  • Communicating proactively and with clarity
  • Providing actionable feedback
  • Creating inclusive work environments
  • Debugging and improving your organization

Latest Journal

Sara, Mathias 16 September 2022

The First Intentional Organization Offsite

After three years of not meeting in person, we traveled to far flung Nova Scotia in Canada to reconnect and come up with a plan for 2023. Here is everything we did to make it successful and to ensure there is plenty of room for serendipity during our time together.

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Mathias 25 August 2022

The Four Stages of Good Feedback

Why is it so frickin hard to provide people with valuable feedback, let alone getting meaningful feedback from others? One of two things tends to be the case: we either don’t know how to ask for good feedback, or we don’t know how to give it. In this post we will explore how to build a feedback muscle and become a feedback magnet.

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Mathias 18 November 2021

Staying Present in Remote Meetings

Remote meetings via video pose a whole new set of challenges. Distractions abound and are only a keystroke away. How do you make sure you stay focused and present even as meetings via video make up the larger part of your day? In this post we go into a few strategies that have worked for us.

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